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Rafale’s export success

The United Arab Emirates purchased 80 Rafale F4s in December 2021, which is the largest military export order ever secured by Dassault Aviation.

In February 2022, Indonesia signed a two-phase contract for 42 Rafales (6 plus 36). The deal provides for delivery of a comprehensive solution, including training and logistical support. Indonesia is a first-time military customer for Dassault Aviation and its second Rafale customer in the Indo-Pacific region.

On top of an initial purchase of 24 aircraft in 2015, Egypt announced an order for 31 further fighters in 2021.

Greece is the first European country to acquire the Rafale. An initial contract for 6 new and 12 pre-owned aircraft was signed in January 2021. Six further new Rafales were ordered in March 2022.

In November 2021, Croatia, which had never before flown our fighter jets, joined the growing ranks of Dassault customers by purchasing 12 pre-owned Rafales under a government-to-government agreement. Dassault Aviation has been contracted to provide maintenance for this fleet.

India ordered 36 Rafales in 2016. The Indian Air Force (IAF) took delivery of the first of its fighter in October 2019. Deliveries were completed on schedule in 2022, despite the ongoing Covid crisis.

Qatar has acquired 36 Rafales - 24 in 2015 then a further 12 in 2017 -, with an option on 36 more aircraft. Deliveries commenced in February 2019 and were completed in 2022.

ATL2 and special-mission Falcons

Our ATL2 maritime patrol aircraft, which play a key role in France’s nuclear deterrence, are currently undergoing modernization.

Work on the Falcon 8X Archange strategic intelligence aircraft is continuing.

In December 2020, the French Navy placed an order for 7 Falcon Albatros jets, with delivery scheduled beginning in 2025.

These maritime surveillance and intervention aircraft (AVSIMAR) are based on the Falcon 2000LXS and the number of aircraft involved is expected to increase to at least 12.

By 2021, the Japan Coast Guard had been supplied with 6 Falcon 2000 MSAs.

The Republic of Korea placed an order for 4 Falcon 2000S in 2022.

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