Falcon, enabling decisive meetings

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Falcon, enabling decisive meetings

Falcon, enabling decisive meetings

Our Falcons are state-of-the-art business jets designed for the most exacting missions; their versatility, comfort as well as the incorporation of military-inspired innovations set them apart from the competition.

Falcon Family

Our Falcons are state-of-the-art instruments designed to combine outstanding performance with exceptional levels of passenger comfort:

  • the ability to fly to destinations that are as close as possible to where passengers need to go, and to use runways that are inaccessible to large aircraft, including short or high-altitude landing strips; this can be achieved even in the severest of weather conditions, thanks in particular to our FalconEye head-up Combined Vision System (CVS);
  • exceptional eco-efficiency compared to other aircraft in the same category and the ability to fly using a 50% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) mix, which reduces CO2 emissions by between 80% and 90% compared to kerosene;
  • outstanding cabin comfort thanks to handling quality provided by our flight controls, enhanced soundproofing and pressurization, and superior air quality;
  • design and manufacturing excellence, as attested to by our commercial, military and government customers, and backed by our commitment to customer support;
  • high-speed Internet connectivity, with a full range of services for both passengers and crew, enabling seamless and secure use of connected devices.

Falcon 10X: penthouse in the sky

Unveiled in 2021, the Falcon 10X is set to be the most innovative business jet in the Falcon family and the first to fly entirely using sustainable aviation fuels. Powered by 2 Rolls-Royce Pearl® 10X engines, it will have a top speed of Mach 0.925 and a range of 7,500 nautical miles (13,890 km).

The Falcon 10X has been conceived and fitted out as a suite designed for both work and relaxation on flights lasting more than 15 hours. Its spacious, bright and relaxing cabin has already garnered awards, notably the Good Design Award. Over 6 and a half feet high and around 9 feet wide, the interior can accommodate three to four sitting areas, with the option of a shower and a queen-size bed. It has a cabin altitude of 3,000 ft when flying at 41,000 ft.

The Falcon 10X is packed with technological advances, many of which stem from our expertise in fighter jets: high-aspect-ratio composite wings; digital flight controls unrivaled in terms of their precision and responsiveness; an ability to negotiate the most challenging runways (such as London City); data fusion and automatic recovery mode for optimal safety; high-performance and intuitive connectivity; optimized flight paths to help reduce the aircraft’s environmental footprint.