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Falcon 6X: taking flying to a whole new level

Launched in February 2018 for entry into service in 2023, the Falcon 6X completed its first flight on March 10, 2021, paving the way for its certification.

Designed as much for everyday tasks as for long-haul flights (5,500 nm), it redefines the flying experience, enabling the traveler to work and relax in an ergonomically designed cocoon, the product of a meticulous attention to each and every detail. Boasting the widest and tallest cabin in its category, the Falcon 6X took away top prize at the International Yacht & Aviation Awards for Private Jet Design, as well as a Red Dot Design Award.

Falcon 8X: the benchmark in comfort

The Falcon 8X is the crown jewel of the Falcon customer experience currently in service. Its cabin sets the standard when it comes to quality, comfort and soundproofing. Its redesigned interior features seamless connectivity thanks to the Innovative Cabin System (ICS). The Falcon 8X has a range of 6,450 nautical miles, enabling non-stop flights between Hong Kong and London.

Falcon 2000: our best-selling range

The Falcon 2000LXS is the latest addition to the Falcon 2000 series, our most successful range. This extremely versatile business jet has a range of 4,000 nm and an excellent low-speed performance that enables it to access a huge number of airports.

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