Customer support: anytime, anywhere

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Customer support: anytime, anywhere

Customer support: anytime, anywhere

Our military aircraft help defend a number of countries around the world, while our business jets enhance corporate efficiency. These are crucial long-term challenges. Our proven operational support solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of each user.

Preferred partner

We support 1,000 military aircraft and 2,100 Falcon business jets in some 90 countries. We work closely with our customers, both civil and military, to ensure efficiency, responsiveness, cost-effectiveness and innovative solutions. We support our customers on an ongoing basis, today and far into the future, by maintaining the tools and expertise needed to service our planes over the decades of their operating lives.

Digital upgrades

The 3DExperience platform ensures digital continuity from design right through to manufacturing and support. Our support solutions are based on software modules common to both Falcon and military aircraft.

Our big data approach to support, based on Dassault Systèmes’ Exalead technology, allows us to share all data concerning the service lives of our aircraft and fleets. It enables cross-functional analyses and predictive maintenance models. The digital twin approach, which compares the actual aircraft’s performance to its digital model, further increases our forecasting capabilities, thus improving aircraft fleet availability.

Custom-tailored military support

Our optimized support solutions for military aircraft fleets are based on long-term commitments to aircraft availability. In France, the Rafale and Mirage 2000 fighter fleets are covered by these vertically-integrated maintenance contracts: namely, the ten-year Ravel contract for Rafale (since May 2019); and the fourteen-year Balzac contract for the Mirage 2000 (since December 2021). Maritime patrol ATL2s enjoy similar support under the ten-year Océan contract (since September 2020). Under these agreements, we are responsible for providing equipment and systems to the French Air and Space Force; similar arrangements are in place for our export customers.

In addition, our customers benefit from the high-level training we provide for pilots and maintenance technicians, thanks in particular to our Mérignac Conversion Training Center (CTC).